A Proud Bangladeshi Canadian


Momo Quazi, Toronto ||

Canada- The Great White North, the beautiful coast to coast land that has offered so many amazing things to the world and it’s people. It’s foundation was created by the First Nation and it was built by the immigrants from all over the world in collaboration with the indigenous people.

Today, Canada stands in front of the world proud with its melting pot of immigrants. Here the immigrants are celebrated and welcomed. Millions of immigrants come looking for a better life here. Every single one of them contributes to the greater good of this country. Canada is grateful towards its immigrants and every year she honours 25 of them with an award.

As a Bangladeshi, I am incredibly proud to announce that one of my most favourite people here in Toronto a fellow Bangladeshi, my teacher Subrata Kumar Das has been nominated for this award this year. I am not going to write about him as you can easily read his biography in the link below. However, I can tell you I am eternally grateful to this person for nurturing my reading and writing habits. He made me feel included when I was lost. I’m not the only one, Subrata Sir has influenced many young people to read and write. Besides, he is the author of many great books including creating a new genre for Canadian literature for Bengali readers. He is the founding member of BLRC (Bengali Literary Resources Centre), a member of the Writers’ Union of Canada and Literary Translators’ Association of Canada.

He is the welcoming host of NRB television’s numerous events which explores the lives of Canadians.

I would request all my friends to make our beloved Bangladesh proud and go to the link and cast your vote for him and make him win this much deserved award.


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