Bengali book features various poems of Canadian Poet Bruce Meyer


Farzana Naz Shampa ||

My first literary translation on renowned Canadian poet and educationist Bruce Meyers Poetry

By the grace of almighty God, my first literary translation work has been published. This Bengali book features various poems of Poet Bruce Meyer, renowned Canadian academician and inaugural Poet laureate City of Barrie , Ontario.

I express my sincere gratitude to Professor Bruce for allowing me to translate his amazing poems as well as for writing an amazing foreword for the book.

Poet Bruce’s poetry shines light on the realistic illustrations of Canada’s nature, beautiful layouts and positivity , positive philosophical Insights from every source of life. I am always touched by his works. Poet Bruce appears in different roles through his poems ~ sometimes as protesting teenager, a nationalist, general worker at the railway station, an affectionate father,a grateful child with a memory of the mother’s two active hands or a dreamy teenager.

Through my work, I want to present Canadian literature in my mother tongue –

Bengali. Whatever gap exists in this area can be mitigated, among others, through translation works so people of two cultures and countries can learn about each other’s through its literary works.

I am grateful to Bright Star and Aaro Prokashon Publishing House of Bangladesh for publishing my works. Heartfelt thanks to Mr.Alamgir Mallik, the publisher and everyone else involved.This book is available on online Rokomari dot com Bangladesh.

My humble respect to all the language martyrs of the National Language Movement 21 February of 1952 in Bangladesh who sacrificed their lives for our beloved language ‘Bangla’.

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