‘Leading the vaccine task force is not a part-time job’ -Sara Singh


NDP Deputy Leader Sara Singh released the following statement in response to news that Gen. Rick Hillier (ret), who oversees the vaccine rollout in Ontario, has taken a second job boosting international sales for a defence company:

“Fixing and scaling up Ontario’s vaccine roll-out is not a part-time job. The $20,000 a month Ontario is paying General Hillier to do that job is not a part-time salary. Doug Ford needs to make it clear to General Hillier that he’s not taking a second job if he wants to continue leading Ontario’s vaccine strategy.

Ontario’s vaccine rollout has been slow and sloppy. Some records are being kept using paper-and-pencil. Some administrators and office workers got the shot before seniors living in long-term care. Doses sit in freezers while people wait. No scale-up plan has been released. Our province deserves an expert who is laser-focused on solving those problems.” Press Release

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